Minggu, 08 September 2013

Third Blog!!!

Hola! It's my third blog and it's the first one about fashion. All about fashion and her friends.I think that fashion is an important way to make those eyes staring at you and maybe they'll say something good about it. Also I will tell my fashion-wish-list. So, dont have to worry if you think you're a lil bit old fashioned or something. I will tell the brand and where to buy so if you're guys in the same city with me, you can find and grab it.
I will give y'all some tips and trick about fashion and about how to mix and match it as well. I would love to hear your opinion and suggestion to me, I really appreciate it so much. I dont have any online shop so you dont have to ask me about it.

Ig : @devyparamitha
Twitter : http://twitter.com/devyparamitha27
Other blog : http://demiwarteg.blogspot.com/
Polyvore : http://demiwarteg.blogspot.com/

See ya

Devy Paramitha

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