Minggu, 08 September 2013

Magenta Day

It's my first fashion post. I'll probably not use my body as the model wearing every style that I made because, hmmm, I have tons of idea about fashion that I wont wear bcs I use hijab. Using another girl as the model? Hmmm, probably yes but not in a short time. I hope you guys love every style that I'll create and I remind myself again that I would love to hear your opinion about me. About my blog design or whatever. Well, I dont show the price for every single clothes but I guarantee you, I'm a fan of cheap-but-qualified things.


Silk longsleeves blouse : Zara
Flat shoes : Lav!ola
Denim short : secondhand market, Senen, Indonesia
Tote Bag : Unbranded, Tebet Barat, Indonesia

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